Friday, November 5, 2010

What is the Audiance?

I've had a number of people ask me about the intended audience for Heroin Guns. Since both my previous books, Red Dragon Codex and Brass Dragon Codex, were middle-grade books I know that could be the first assumption for Heroin Guns.

I guess I had better clarify. The publisher, Wonder Realms Books, will be publishing all of the books for adult audiences under the R. L. Tyler name and all of the Children's books under the Rebecca Shelley name. This was decided so that it might minimize confusion about intended audiences for my books.

Heroin Guns is definitely a PG13 book. Though I have picked up many YA books that have more swearing, more sex, and as much violence as Heroin Guns, I did intend the book for an adult audience. There are detailed depictions of knife fights, shootings, and the use of heroin; as well as explosions, car chases, and a faint innuendo once or twice.

So, to avoid confusion:

the Rebecca Shelley name will be on all the children's books

the R. L. Tyler name will be on all the adult books.

The YA books are a tough call. What do you think? Should I put them under the children's name, the adult name or under a separate third name?

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