Friday, September 26, 2008

Brass Dragon Codex cover

Good news. I finally got the cover for Brass Dragon Codex which is due to come out January 2009. It's kind of the comical adventure for the series. In this picture the young brass dragon, Kyani, sits on a valuable painting, trying to decide if he's going to eat it or not. But what he's really hungry for is companionship.

Kyani's search for friendship leads him to the gnome, Hector, who ventures across the desert to complete an invention that will fulfill his life quest. But Hector's new invention is far more valuable and dangerous than he realizes, and many forces plan to take it out of his hands--dwarves, knights, a clever thief, and a colossal blue dragon. Hector and Kyani must work together to complete the invention before they lose everything, including their lives.