Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daily Postitive Thought #33

Gravity keeps us on our feet.

Sometimes I'm not too happy with gravity--when I drop a glass and it shatters all over my kitchen floor, or when I've been hiking up a mountain all day long and the gravity seems to drag my backpack down until it feels like it weighs a hundred pounds.

Gravity is, however, an important part of life. I've never been to the International Space Station, but I've watched clips of the astronauts up there and how hard it is for them to move around in a zero-g environment. It's gravity that makes it possible for us to stand easily, and sit and sleep and eat and do all the common stuff we don't usually think about. Though gravity seems like a drag sometimes, it is an important positive in our lives.

Sometimes hard things happen to us in life that seem to drag us down or shatter our world. A while ago when my husband got laid off, I thought my entire life was ruined. Looking back now I see that he'd been at a dead-end job at low pay for a long time. His lay-off turned out to be a great thing. Now he has a job doing what he really wants, making more money, working with an organization that appreciates him and gets along with each other very well. Like gravity, sometimes it is the hard things that make our lives better in the long run.


Tamara Hart Heiner said...

I think in general lay offs do that. We had the same thing happen a few years ago. I also worked at the company, and when they fired him (breaking a 3-year agreement), I quit on ethics. If I hadn't quit, I never would've gotten published. He has a much better job now. (That company has since gone under.)

Rebecca Shelley said...

>I quit on ethics. If I hadn't quit, I never would've gotten published.<

good for you, Tamara. That's awesome.:)