Friday, November 12, 2010

Daily Positive Thought #37

Be true to your creative voice.

That is sometimes hard to do. Every once in a while I start to doubt if what I'm writing is any good, or will have a positive effect in the world. That's when I have to remind myself of my purpose. I have it written on a sticky note attached to my computer.

The purpose of my writing is to create joy in my life and in the lives of others.

Well, I hope my writing creates joy in the life of others, but I can't really know or tell that until long after a book is written and published. While I'm producing something new, I have to ask if it is bringing me joy. Perhaps that's the only real measure a writer has. Does the writing bring the writer joy? I believe that when we stay tuned to what we love, we will write books that others will love as well. That's being true to your creative voice.


Matthew said...

For me, I've found 3 motivators is better than 1. The little sign above my computer reads: To champion the human spirit, the power of joy, and the wonder of love. It's also my new story criteria, if it doesn't fit all three, I'm not going to write it. Glad to see we're working down the same track, that helps too.

Rebecca Shelley said...

Matt, I love that mission statement. It's awesome. I may have to pirate parts to add to my own. :)