Monday, January 11, 2016

A New Day: Chapter 2

A New Day: Chapter two is now posted.…/a-new-day-chapter-2/

Here's an excerpt:

Devaj rested his hand on the swarabat. “I intend to disguise myself as a human minstrel and travel around Navgarod singing and playing and staying out of trouble until Elkatran returns and is confident that I have made myself into a good enough person to be worthy of his bond. When he invites me back to him, then I will return.”
“Navgarod, hiding as a human,” Kanvar said. “That’s a long way from home.” He didn’t like the sound of it and wasn’t sure Amar would like it either, but his brother was a free man. He had the right to go wherever he wished.
“I don’t have a home,” Devaj snapped, and a fire kindled in his eyes. “Stonefountain is my home. The one place I want to be and the only place in this world I should never be allowed to go.”

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