Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Top of King's Peak

I know Matthew already posted this on Facebook for me, but I figured I'd better report in here on the blog as well.

On my author profile it talks about me loving to go adventuring in my youth. Despite growing a tad bit older, I still love to get out in the wilderness whenever I can. This past summer I spent nearly every week backpacking in preparation to climb King’s Peak, the tallest mountain in Utah at 13,528 feet. It’s a three day excursion totaling 34 miles.

I’m glad to say I made it. I’m not a fast hiker anymore, so it took me a long time to get to the summit and a long time to get back down. I didn’t arrive back to the base camp until well after dark. But I made it, despite my age.

While we were gone hiking up the peak, some crazy ninja squirrels raided our food. We had the food in food bags suspended high up between two trees where “supposedly” the squirrels couldn’t get to it. But somehow they did. The funny thing is all they ate was the Starbursts and Salt Water Taffy. I guess they have a sweet tooth.

Those who are paying attention might note that the picture on the main page of this blog is also of me at the top of King’s Peak. I like that one better because I don’t have any gray hair in it, and I’m a lot skinnier. Not to mention it has better resolution. LOL.

Just thought I’d post these new pictures to prove real adventure is for everyone no matter the age!

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