Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Stomach Explodes

Great news. The 5th Smarboys Club book will be available sometime the beginning of next week. Here's a sneak peek.

In the Smartboys Club Book 5, the Smartboys visit a Plymouth Reenactment Park where they get to dress, work and play like Pilgrim children.

Too bad Monkey's worst enemy, Eric Dripp, also comes to the park.

As if doing tons of chores isn't bad enough, Eric and Monkey end up lost in the woods where William Bradford's warning that they must work together or die takes a turn for the real.
Chapter 5
A Big Pile of Poo Goes Splat

I watched while Art drew back his arm and chucked the first pebble at the round green target on the road. The pebble landed at the edge with a little plop.

"Here, Monkey, you try." Art handed me the next rock.

I looked at that target, gauged the distance, the necessary speed, and the trajectory. Then I hucked that rock as hard as I could in the opposite direction.

Art glared at me. "Oh, Monkey, you coward."

"Ever read The Charge of the Light Brigade?" I said. "I bet those guys were afraid of being called cowards, and most of them ended up dead."

Art let out an evil laugh and pelted the target with a third pebble. This one smacked into the cow pie right in the center. It splashed a bit but didn't come anywhere near us. Taking courage, Bean picked up some rocks and threw them at the target.

Not even close.

Just then Eric and Bartholomew came walking up the street. Eric watched Bean try to hit the target a couple of more times and laughed. "You losers. Let me show you how it's done." Eric picked up a great big stone and hauled it across the street to stand right overtop of the cow pie.

Bartholomew's eyes got really wide. He tried to choke out a warning, but I spoke up first.

"Bad idea, Eric," I said.

Eric glared at me. "If you want to make a big splash, you have to use real ammo." He dropped the stone square into the center of the cow pie.

The poo exploded in a shower of green splatters, covering Eric from head to foot.

"Lovebird!" Eric screamed. My real name is Johnny Lovebird, in case you didn't already know.

"I'm going to kill you." Eric rushed toward me.

Now Eric would maybe or maybe not have killed me, but even if he just tackled me, I'd be slimed with stinky cow excrement. I did what any sane boy would do.

I ran.

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