Friday, October 22, 2010

Daily Positive Thought #21

Push yourself. To succeed, sometimes you have to get uncomfortable.

My darling daughter suggested this one. After many years of trying, she managed to do full splits all the way to the ground yesterday. Today, she's wandering around the house saying, "OW it hurts, OW OW OW!"

I'm right with her on this one. Not doing the splits, of course. No way. But adapting to the new digital book age has made me super uncomfortable.

My new publisher, Wonder Realms Books, is gearing up for a big e-book and trade paperback release of my spy thriller Heroin Guns. I am more excited than I can possibly say. They've already published my initial short story with the Heroin Guns characters,"Chasing Pirates in Never Land." (An agent in forced retirement investigates a string of brutal murders while coming to terms with his wife's death.) on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

I'm excited, yes, but doing the final formatting on Heroin Guns for the publisher is making my head explode.

I learned to type on an old manual typewriter. Yes, the kind that actually had little metal arms that came up and hit an ink ribbon which made the letter mark on a piece of paper. You had to crank a return on those things at the end of every line. I've long since learned to let the computer wrap my sentences on its own. But up to this point, I've kept the use of the tab key to indent my paragraphs. And now I have to change over my manuscript from all the tabs to this First Line Indent thing. I have to learn about paragraph styles and a ton of other stuff. Ow, ow, ow. You younger folks are laughing. But its true.

I'm excited as can possibly be to see my stuff published like this. I've sent a letter to Santa Clause asking for an ipad for Christmas. But I do have to admit to being a bit uncomfortable. A good kind of uncomfortable. A stretching and succeeding kind of uncomfortable.

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L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations, Rebecca! Couldn't have asked for better news!

I miss my typewriter sometimes. It was an electric one but I loved the whir and clack of keys. My little tippity-tap from the lappy isn't the same. =[