Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daily Positive Thought #18

Consistency has great power.

I'm sitting in our workshop room in the hotel on the beach in Lincoln City. Through a huge bank of windows I have a perfect view over-looking the sea. The waves crest and splash down on the pristine white beach. Those waves over time have worn the rocks down into smooth sand. All the time I've been sitting here, the waves have never ceased to roll in--continually, always. That kind of consistency is awe-inspiring, powerful, and beautiful. As a writer, I'd like to have the consistency in my writing as the ocean waves.


L.T. Elliot said...

What a beautiful comparison. There is something about the sea that draws me. The sound, the sight, the feel of rushing water slipping between my toes. And to hear it like this, a force of makes my heart a little happier.

Matthew said...

Great image, Rebecca. I'm going to use that for myself. So sorry I couldn't be there for this one, so you'll just have to enjoy it twice as much.

Rebecca Shelley said...

Sure missed seeing you, Matt. I learned tons, and I'm more excited about my writing after that workshop than I have been in several years.

Hope things are going great for you.