Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Brass Dragon Reviews

From the first page, I was hooked. Who wouldn’t love a quirky little dragon that not only talks to inanimate objects, but gives those same objects a voice in order to take away some of his loneliness? This well written story drew me right in. As the story progressed, I found myself so deeply involved with the enchanting tale, that I lost track of time. (Christine Bryant)

I found the characters lovable and flawed—great qualities in any story—and the plot was always moving, each chapter left me wanting to read more. . . . an excellent book for any age reader, (Nichole Giles)

If you like dragons and gnomes, Brass Dragon Codex is a book with plenty of action. (Connie Hall)

There are a lot of really crazy situations in this book, and I can only imagine how funny The Brass Dragon Codex will be to parents reading it out loud to their delighted kids. (Paul Genesse: author of The Iron Dragon Series)

I not only got to read a great book, but I got to read Brass Dragon aloud with my son and that’s one of my favorite things to do. Bonus points were also awarded to Brass Dragon Codex on the merit of actually holding my special needs son’s attention past chapter 1. (Alison Palmer)

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