Monday, May 14, 2012

Announcing a New Pen Name

Hi All, I'm excited to announce the launch of my new pen name, Rebecca Lyn Shelley!

Books and short stories under the Rebecca Lyn Shelley pen name will be fantasy and science fiction for the general adult audience. I've started this new pen name because the Rebecca Lyn Shelley stories contain themes appropriate for YA and adult audience, not for children. I want my younger readers to be able to differentiate between books meant for children and these other stories, which tend to be a little bit darker. Here are some of the things now out. For the full line so far click here. There will be more books and short stories published under this name on a regular basis.


An Epic Fantasy. Hunted to the edge of chaos for crimes spawned by his untrained shifting powers, Alamon Truda hatches a desperate plan to turn the tables on his pursuers. His plan is threatened, however, when the son of the goddess of chaos steps into the human realm, shattering the world's balance.

 Now pursued by servants of both order and chaos, Alamon has to fight to keep the son of chaos alive as well as himself. The hunters chase him across the continent in a desperate bid to save the unraveling world, but both hunters and hunted stumble into the clutches of an unexpected foe.


A Sweet Fantasy Romance.

The wind hears every word spoken beneath the sun and stars. It brings tidings of war to the only woman capable of understanding its whispers.

Cyren has always hidden her connection to the wind. Now she must use it to save her family and people from a bloody tyrant who seeks their destruction. During the struggle, she learns the power of the wind is not enough. Forest and Sky must join together to win her people's freedom. But royal intrigue, ignorance, and fear conspire to keep them apart.

A Ship of My Own.

A Science Fiction Short Story.

When Benjamin Blake stows away on the pirate spaceship Diamond Lady, he plans to use his sword fighting skill to instill himself as part of the crew and eventually win a ship of his own. But when he comes face-to-face with his father's murderer, he finds himself crossing swords with one of the best swordsmen in the entire pirate armada. Cold space awaits the dead body of the loser.

Magic Works

A short story.

A line of magical housecleaning products causes mayhem.

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