Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daily Positive Thought #4

It's never too late to start writing.

LOL. A perfect thought since It's after 9 PM here, and I just remembered I hadn't done my thought for today. Obviously I have a little way to go before this becomes a good habit.

I met a lot of people who say they want to write a book (or a journal, or poetry, etc.). The older I get, the older my acquaintances get. I like to tell them if you want to write then do it. Most look at me rather glassy eyed. I can see their mind just screaming, "It's too late. I haven't managed it my whole life. How can I possibly start now?"

The Truth is, there is only one moment in life. Now. Now is all that really exists. Yesterday and tomorrow are only in our minds. It doesn't matter how many yesterdays there have been. We can't know how many tomorrows there may be. All we have is now. If you want to write something, start now. Type something in a blog. Tweet. Scribble something on the back of an envelope. Or open a Microsoft Word document and start a book. Now is the beginning of all of our lives. You are never too old. Now is the time to write.

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L.T. Elliot said...

Absolutely excellent thought! I'm going to follow your advice!